Future Cities

Black History Month Spotlight - Dr. Marccus Hendricks

February 15, 2021 Future Cities
Future Cities
Black History Month Spotlight - Dr. Marccus Hendricks
Show Notes

Dr. Marccus Hendricks is an Associate Professor of Urban Studies and Planning in the School
of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation at the University of Maryland, College Park. Here,
Marissa Matsler interviews Dr. Hendricks about his work with communities throughout his
dissertation research in Texas and as an early career researcher in Maryland. He discusses his
bold visions for the future in which we collectively seize on the opportunities of this historic
moment – especially the current focus on environmental justice – to better design and plan
cities. Dr. Hendricks also offers his advice to others looking to follow in his academic footsteps.

You can read more at arch.umd.edu/sirj and follow Dr. Hendricks on Twitter at @mdhDuBois. You can read his recent piece, Transforming Public Safety and Urban Infrastructure to Mitigate Climate and Public Health Disasters, here.

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