Future Cities

Nature-Based Solutions and You

September 01, 2021 Future Cities
Future Cities
Nature-Based Solutions and You
Show Notes

Green infrastructure (GI) and nature-based solutions (NBS) are relatively new concepts in expert circles, at least by those terms. In this episode, Dr. Elizabeth Cook and Clair Cooper join first-time host Charlyn Green to discuss what green infrastructure and nature-based solutions mean for non-experts. Topics of discussion include examples of GI and NBS at scales ranging from household to city, the benefits of having access to private green space, and factors involved in work to advance the uptake of nature-based solutions in cities.

Here are some links to learn more about projects mentioned during the episode:

NATURA Network of Networks: https://natura-net.org/
Convergence Resilience Research Project | http://convergence.urexsrn.net/ 
Urban Nature Atlas

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